Please note that I am not affiliated with Poshmark, nor had Poshmark paid me to create this post. I am simply a random shopper who loves to save money.

I have a confession. I love a good leather bag. I have had my eye on this bag ever since we visited Magnolia on our first family vacation to Waco, TX. I became a little obsessed with some of the companies that Joanna endorsed and invited to be vendors during their Silobration . Check out my other post on how to restore a leather bag if you find one used that needs a little love! This bags retail price was somewhere along the lines of $190 new on the site. I just couldn’t ever pull the trigger. Usually I would always buy used, but this one was a newer style and I was served an ad though my email that it was one sale for 30%, so I navigated to the page and started clicking away.

After seeing that it dropped roughly $70, I went as far as adding it into my cart and ALMOST hit purchase. Then I thought, I did not look on Poshmark yet! Stupid. Open the app, a simple search and what do you know. The exact same bag, almost new, for TWENTY DOLLARS!!

I had almost purchased and brand new bag because my want for the bag for so long took over. When I got back to reality and remembered that you can most likely find everything out there for cheaper, you just gotta dig, I was able to save roughly $90!!

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