Once my daughter was able to start eating real food, I started out making it myself. I fell in love with it. I liked knowing what she was eating was real food, I liked a reason to get back into the kitchen and make something. Because let’s be real, you get a little more excited now to make things for tiny humans then for yourself or your significant other. Oops. We had purchased a few jars of food just to see what she liked, so we didn’t let a bunch of fruits and veggies to go to waste. I kept the jars since there are so many things you can do with baby food jars. One non baby related thing is a “Tupperware” for salad dressing. You’re welcome. Not to mention, perfectly portioning our baby formula for on the go and we can just dump into the bottle. No messy measuring required or bringing the dang canister with you. Again, you’re welcome.

Once she started eating more pieces of food vs purée, I wanted to find a way, or what I could make that grew with her. Kids eat fruit cups at any age. Hell we even eat fruit cups as adults. Most I am sure aren’t THAT terrible for you, but it always feels a little odd to me how much juice is in them and I guess what’s actually in there. Plus, there’s this thing called trying to save our planet now more then ever, so any little thing I can do helps.

I started how I normally would a purée (please see my “Make Your Own Baby Food” page). Washing and chopping into small pieces. Then everything gets tossed into the pot to cook. The best part is once it’s done cooking, you just pour into your jars, let it cool, and voila!

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